A competition is a healthy contest between two or more participants in which one wins and the other loses. A competition is held when there is a need to achieve a particular goal or motivate someone to reach the pinnacle of that goal. For instance, in sports, a competition is held between two athletes or teams; both fights to win the trophy, which is their ultimate goal.

We live in a world where we are always in competition with someone else or sometimes even with ourselves too. It is ineluctable in the contemporary world. Competition is something that prepares kids for real-life challenges. Therefore, having healthy competition among the school’s students is very beneficial as it prepares them for challenges based on real-life scenarios.

Apart from education, competition enhances students’ knowledge in various fields of life,  such as preparing them for a better decision-making process and choosing a better approach to different curriculum activities.

Moreover, it helps develop students’ learning skills, enhance their creative potential and enrich their intellectual level. Therefore,  school competitions will eventually help the student reach the apex of success in various fields of life. It will also prepare students for various competitions held at a higher level.

Hidayah school conducts competitions annually, such as Naat, Qirat, and Azaan competitions. Such competitions aim to ameliorate the student’s creative potential and intellectual level in different fields. Moreover, these competitions help to improve students’ confidence levels and motivate them to achieve their goals. The students of Hidayah School participate in Naat, Qirat, and Azaan competitions with full zeal and zest.

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