Peshawar Model School was set up in 1979 with a view to meet the ever increasing needs of education.

A school should inspire love for learning while promoting children’s social and emotional growth, intellectual development and creativity. Children learn best in a positive environment with careful direction and guidance from teachers who demonstrate care and concern for each child.

Peshawar Model School was set up in 1979 with a view to meet the ever increasing needs of education. The academic setup ourished with time into multiple institutions including 17 schools, 6 Boys Colleges, 5 Girls Colleges along with City University of Science & Information Technology Dalazak Road Peshawar.

Peshawar Model Schools strives to give each child a lifelong appreciation of learning. The rich educational environment provides every student with a broad foundation of knowledge and practical experience. Students develop a sense of community while maintaining individuality and creative self-expression.

ALLAH (SWT) awarded the great gift of Quran-eKareem to the greatest human of all Hazrat Muhammad (PBUH). The Quran was made the wellhead of guidance for the world that lightened up people’s minds with knowledge and wisdom. History has shown that the little children of the Muslim Ummah kept the synopsis crux of the Quran in their bosoms and heart. Every Hafiz, his parents, and even the whole ummah should be proud of this wealth. Hazrat Muhammad (PBUH) prompted Quranic education by saying. ‘‘The most superior among you are those who learn the Quran & teach it’’. According to another Hadith, ‘‘The parents of huffaz will be crowned on the day of resurrection with a light brighter than the light of the sun’’. This is the reason that Muslims are always very content to make their children Hafiz-e-Quran. To brighten up the hearts of Muslims with the light of the Quran, Peshawar Model Schools introduced ‘‘The department of Tahfeez-ul-Quran’ ’ in 2007, and later in 2017, it was registered with Wafaaq-ul-Madaris Al Arabia (Multan).

Al Hamd o lillah, memorizing the Holy Quran is a great blessing of Allah (SWT). The importance of modern education can not be denied in today’s world. The need was felt to start both types of education parallel to each other, to satisfy the desire of the children and their parents who are fond of memorizing the Holy Quran besides getting modern education. Hence the department of Hafiz-Ul-Quran was established in a clean and exquisite environment. It has been running successfully for the last 14 years and the results are overwhelming.

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Schools in Pakistan are categorized under two headings i.e; Public and Private Schools. The ever-increasing population brings about a dire need for educational institutions. The Public Schools have been overcrowded and a majority lacking resources, the population resorts to private schooling for their children. The giants in the field (Networks) provide quality education but at a cost that all cannot afford. In addition, we strongly feel that HIDAYAH will be an affordable and best available education system institute of quality offer a Standard Education system entrenched within a strong value base making it the first choice of the parents and teachers.

We wholeheartedly encourage the practice of our Islamic ethos throughout the school day. We actively support a safe and caring Islamic environment. We are committed to providing a child-safe environment that safeguards all students and is committed to promoting practices that provide for the safety, well-being, and welfare of our children. We are committed to having a nurturing school environment where children are respected, their voices are heard; where they are safe and feel safe and are happy and engaged.

Our commitment is drawn from and inherent in the teaching of Islam.

The Prophet (PBUH) says “Every one of you is a Protector and Guardian for those who are placed under your care”. (Bukhari and Muslim).

Hidayah Schools expects all school community members including the Principal, Section heads, Teaching staff, Qari/Qarias and, students, to share this commitment, in all situations, and in particular regard to managing students’ behavior, the school explicitly forbids corporal and degrading punishment and child abuse.


In Pakistan, there exists an emergent influx of Private and Public Educational Institutions taking on the responsibility of educating the future generation. “Hidayah” will be an Independent School that does not promote a particular sect or school of thought, we believe in educating our children in a manner where they can grow up to be well-educated Contributing to  Muslim Leaders in today’s society. We don’t just impart knowledge; we raise our students to be flag-bearers of wisdom, equality respect, and humility. It will be a unique opportunity for the system based on Educational high standards and an unparalleled level of expertise that incorporates our basic cultural, ethical, and religious norms and values.





The curriculum will be followed FOUR major areas to focus on:

  1. Academic Education
  2. Extra-Curricular Activities
  3. Islamic Education
  4. Hifz of Turanian


  1. Academic Education:

Following are the academic subjects:

  • English
  • Mathematics
  • Science (Level IV onwards)
  • Urdu
  • GK (Prep-III)
  • Kids Tech

.            Leader in Me

  1. Extra-Curricular Activities:

To develop the overall skills of the students, we have the following skills to teach the students, Alhamdulillah.

  • Indoor Games
  • Outdoor Games
  • Sports
  • Public Speaking
  • Presentation Skills
  • Essay Writing
  • Elocution
  • Debate
  • Group Discussion



The students are taught moral values, self-discipline, being just for truth & leadership qualities, which can result to avoid from bad influence immorality prevalent in the society and to abolish peace & Universal brotherhood;

* Akhlaq

Every two weeks a different key to success and good manners will be introduced to the students for their practice. Parents are encouraged to check the Quranic verses and Hadiths that support each value. Our educators regularly speak with their students about these values. We hope that this whole-school approach will help our students to always be their very best in all ways In Shaa Allah.

  • Tajweed / Tartil (Quranic term which refers to a manner of reciting the Qur’an)
  • Hadith
  • Seerah of Prophet (PBUH)
  • Islamic Personalities
  • Arabic Language

We have introduced Arabic book “Arabic at your Hands” through which we are teaching Public Speaking, storytelling /Role plays, videos, Basic Arabic Conversation skills. Etc.


  1. Hifz ul Qur’an

The final revelation of Allah, i.e., the Holy Qur’an is memorized by qualified Huffaz teachers.  The syllabus of Hifz will completely vary based on the intellectual standard of each student.

Prayer & Meditation Room

Meditation is at the core of Islamic spirituality, but unfortunately is not often given the attention and focus it deserves. Meditation is the act of surrendering. It’s about being completely still and submitting to the will of Allah in a conscious state of mind.  At Hidayah we have designed special meditation/playroom to enhance the physical acts of worship, including salaah (prayer), fasting, and dhikr.

These are the ways we are practicing meditation:

1 –Reflection (Taffakur)

2 – Gratitude

3 – Seclusion

4 – Dhikr

5 – Qur’an Recitation